Your Speeches! Here They Are!

Finally! I have them online!

The files are available as .zip archives (which means you will need to unzip the folders to view the videos, at least on some OSes); if you click the links, they should download automatically to your hard drive. Please save them and view them however many times you like. I’m including a list of all the speakers in each file, so that you will be able to find the file you need quickly. But feel free to download all of them if you want to do so.

File #1: Speeches by Minjae, Woosung, Jin, Jung Ki, Jinju, Minkyung.

File #2: Speeches by Juwon, Sejin, Youngmin, Kyongjin, Miju, Eunjung.

File #3: Speeches by Sora, Nayeon, Kyoung Eun, Nara.

(I don’t think I missed anyone in that list, but if I did, I’m sorry… I was just hurrying through the videos to see who had spoken, and I might have jumped ahead too far at some point.)

As for your final Self-Evaluation: Since I’m making this available to you on Saturday night, I’m going to ask you to email it to me by next Sunday, 26 December at 3pm. (Remember, you can submit it ahead of time, of course!) I don’t normally accept homework by email, but I’m making an exception in this case because it took me so long to figure out a place to upload these videos. Please copy and paste the following text into the Subject line (제목):


Please make sure to copy the above text and paste it into the Subject (제목) field of your email. This will help me filter the emails and get your self-evaluation dealt with before the deadline for  handing in grades, which is on the 28th of December — just a couple of days after the deadline! If you have any problems with the files, please send me an email.

UPDATE: One more thing: please DON’T send me .hwp files. I can’t read them on my computer. I also don’t like .docx, but I can at least view those. However, with .hwp I can’t even open them. (I don’t have HWP installed for Linux because it costs a ridiculous amount of money.) Preferred file formats are .doc and .rtf, though .txt is also possible. For more on file formats, see here.

Have a great holiday, folks!

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