Give Me Your Information!

Folks, here’s your homework for next week:

  • Go out as a group and get to know one another. You should especially talk about books or authors that you enjoy. If you don’t read books, then I don’t understand why you’re in a Creative Writing class, but talk about films you have enjoyed. And if you don’t read books, I advise you start doing so immediately. While you are out with the group, make sure to fill out the Student information paper that is available for download further down on this page.
  • Fill out the student information form for my digital class list here. Fill this out ASAP, but remember to make a Google mail account first!
  • Read “The Music of Erich Zann” by H.P. Lovecraft for Wednesday, 16 March. Write me a 500 word response to the story: what you think about the story and what you think Lovecraft is doing, and how he does it. We will discuss this story on March 16th. Remember what I had to say in class about “taking a story on its own terms” and about “criteria for success.”
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