What’s Coming Up

Hi everyone. Here’s an update on homework, as well as our presentation schedule (see below).
For homework, remember that the following homework is due on Tuesday, 15 March:
  • Have your Student Information Papers ready to hand in, including a picture, which you filled out during your outing.
  • Make sure you have filled out the online student information form I asked you to fill out.
  • Be ready to discuss “Yo George,” “Giant Steps,” and “The Statement of Randolph Carter” (all available below) after my presentation on how to “read” a piece of pop culture.
  • I plan on also giving you a file you need to take home on Tuesday, so please bring a USB drive (or you will have to find a copy of the file yourself). In fact, it’s a good idea to start bringing a USB drive to class every time we meet, as I will often have files for you.

During classes next week, we’ll solidify our definition of “popular culture” a little more, and I’ll also make a presentation on Thursday about the “Sitcom as a Funhouse Mirror” — another example of how to read a piece of pop culture. Enjoy next week, because from then on, you will be engaging in this kind of work, by arguing for your reading of different pieces of pop culture and/or pop cultural phenomena.

Here is the Presentation Schedule, based on the signing-up that people did at the end of class. Please note: the topics listed are NOT the topic of the presentation, but rather the topic of MY lecture and the general class discussion for that day. The individual presenter will choose a topic of his or her own interest, related to the week’s main topic, and present on that subject.
Week 5: From The Harlem Renaissance, Through Jazz and Motown, to Gangsta Rap — presentation by Hoonil Choi
Week 6: Flapper Girls and Sci-Fi Fans: Self-Fashioning, The Old-Fashioned Way — presentation by Wang Wen
Week 7: Ain’t No Depression in Heaven: The Fantasies of the Silent Generation, and Our Fantasies of Them — presentation by Ji Yoon
Week 9: Where Did All the Punk Rockers Come From? Music and Identity — presentation by Bao Baimiao
Week 10: Like, Zen, Dude: The Beats & Their Legacy — presentation by Shou Qing
Week 11: A Hipster by Any Other Name…: Understanding Self-Fashioning Today — presentation by Jaeseong
Week 12: Gentlemen Prefer Marilyn: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, & Icons of Femininity — presentation by Yu Jin
Week 13: The Games We Play: Gaming, Pastimes, Development, and Identity — presentation by Jinhyeok
Week 14: SF, Geek Chic, and Global Anglophone Culture — presentation by  Eunsu Shin
Week 15: Other? (Free Choice) — presentation by __________.
It’s a good idea to review this page on how to make a successful presentation. I highly recommend you review it before giving your presentation. In addition, I strongly recommend that you come and talk to me (during my office hours) about what specific topic you would like to cover in your individual presentation. Presentations will normally run from 10-15 minutes, followed by questions and answers, and discussion by the whole group. (If you need more time for your presentation, just let me know beforehand.)
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