Character Sketches and Scenes

Hi folks,

Here’s what’s up for next week.

  • Read “Farangs”, a story by Rattawut Lapcharoensap (from this book). It will be available in the Department Office (IH341) from the morning of Thursday, 17 March. The copies of the story will be in a small box on the table between the two couches. When you read the story, please focus on the flat characters included in the story. We will talk about the story also in terms of the narrator, the most “rounded” character in the story, and the various problems he faces along the way.
  • Please also consider (and take notes, to help you discuss next week), the “Criteria for Success” for Lapcharoensap’s story. What effects do you think he is attempting to bring about in the reader? And how do his techniques and choices help to achieve, or fail to help to achieve, those effects?
  • For next week, you will write (a) a short character sketch of your flat character (whatever length you want/need), and (b) a 500-word (approximately) scene in which the character is taking some action, interacting with (or talking to) another character, or otherwise doing something. Focus on showing what the character doe, says, or chooses, instead of telling us what the character is. Try to reveal things about your character indirectly.

See you next week!

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