Classroom Change (and plans, and your exam)

Hi folks,

From now on, we will meet in IH342 for Popular Culture(s) of the English-Speaking World. Here’s hoping there’s no weird smell there! :)

Next: we will be discussing the readings I gave you in the last post on Thursday, with special attention to the poems  of Langston Hughes. (You folks will lead that discussion, which will take up most of the class.) If everything goes as planned, I’ll also have one or two Josephine Baker clips for us to watch and discuss too, based on the readings you will have done.

Please remember that your (typed) submission of a single question for our midterm exam is due on 14 April. I would also like for you to write 500 words for me on one or two of Hughes’ poems, if you have not done so. Analyze it  or them in the way I analyzed “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” in Tuesday’s class.

By the way, our midterm exam will take place in our regular classroom (IH342) at the regular time (ie. 4-6 pm) on Thursday, 21 April. I’ll talk a little more about it on 14 April.

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