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Here’s the plan for next week:

24 May, hour 1: Discussion of “readings”:

24 May, hour 2: Panel Discussion:

Childhood & Education
As mentioned in our class discussion on 19 May, while human beings obviously do pass through a period of physical and psychological development that we can clearly label “childhood” or “youth”, many of the things we assume the words Childhood or Adolescence to mean are, in fact, culturally constructed. The lines we draw between childhood and adulthood, the way we differentiate them, and the recently invented concept of “adolescence” are not unproblematic.

What are some of the problems with how we think about childhood, either in the English-speaking world or in Korean society, and how can we address these problems? Are there models of childhood in other societies (besides these two) which we could look towards for ideas on how to improve the lives of young people in Korea and in the English-speaking world?

26 May: Discussion of reading:

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