What We’re Going to Talk About Next Week

I’ve had a hectic couple of days, so I haven’t uploaded the challenges you’ve submitted to me yet. I hope to edit and post them to this page sometime on Monday or Tuesday.

In the meantime, for our discussion on Tuesday, I would like you to prepare the following:

After watching (and listening to) the video a few times, you should try to think of some interesting angles of discussion for the topic. For example, I considered the following questions for discussion:

  • Are curse words really so bad? Why or why not? Is the idea of “bad language” applicable to other words besides curse words, as well?
  • Is learning curse words important in mastering a foreign language?
  • How do we learn curse words in our native language? In foreign languages?
  • How do we feel about people cursing? How do you feel when you hear curses in a foreign language? How do you feel when you use a curse word in a foreign language?
  • Are sexist curse words more offensive than gender-neutral curse words? Or are all curse words equally offensive?
  • Why are humans so fascinated by curse words?
  • What do you think of the idea that curse words can be beneficial (in the right contexts)? Can you think of other possible benefits of curse words, or of cursing, in other contexts?

This is going to be our first real discussion, and it will help me to figure out what you need, how I can help you and so on. So do yourself a favor and prepare for it.  We’ll have this discussion on Tuesday, 20 September.

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