Your Midterm & Final Exams


We have a date and time and room booked for your Midterm Speech Event:

  • Date: 25 October, 2011
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • Place: Nichols Gwan, 301 (N301)

The voting was very intense for this event. In fact, when I added up all the votes and deleted the double-votes (when people voted for the same thing twice, invalidating their second vote), there was a tie between three options: Telling an Untrue Story, Telling a Funny Story, and Telling a Ghost Story.

As I said, in the case of a tie, I must make the decision. Since Hallowe’en is coming so soon after our speech event, I decided I’d have you all tell ghost stories. Note: your ghost story does not need to be scary: it can be funny, sad, beautiful, strange, or anything you want. The thing to focus on, though, is getting an effect. You want your audience to feel sad, or scared, or surprised, or whatever. Focus on the emotional effect you want for your story, and then think about what techniques you can use to get that effect.

I’ll answer any questions you might have next time in class!

By the way, since I’ve added up the results for the vote on the Final Speech topic, I can announce that too. The winner — by many votes — was this topic:

  • Arguing One Social Problem We Must Solve in Korea. (You must convince the audience that the problem you have chosen is the most important.)

Therefore, that will be the subject of your public final speech at the end of semester.

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