For Tuesday


As far as I recall — and I’m traveling without my notebook, so I may remember wrong — I asked you to write for me a Self-Evaluation of your performance in the class, and gave you a due date of 27 October. I think I asked for 500 words minimum, and asked you to discuss things like:

  • how you feel about your performance in the course
  • what you think you’re doing well
  • what you feel you could do better — something you can do to make your experience of the course better.
  • something you want to work on for the rest of semester
  • what you feel you’re learning in the class
  • something you’d like to work on in class, or improve — something I can do to make your experience of the course better.

Remember, plagiarizing results in an F for the course — not for the reading only. Avoid plagiarism. Which should be easy — just write your self-evaluation yourself!

I strongly encourage you to review the two following pages of advice and information:

As usual, all written work must be typed, and I will not accept it by email. Submit the paper in my mailbox in IH341. If you can, have the secretary stamp the date and time onto the paper, to prove you handed it in before the deadline.

I think free discussion like we had last week might be a little too unstructured. So instead, I’m going to try give you unusual things to read or look at, to fuel our discussions for Tuesdays.

So for October 27th, I want you to check out this article by Philippa Young, from the British paper The Guardian, titled, “I ditched my Oxford master’s to give myself a better education.” Read it a few times if you need to, but be ready to discuss what she has to say, and why you do or do not think she has a point, has said something applicable to you, and so on.

Remember, for 25 October, I asked you to wear flat shoes. Anyone turning up in high heels will be very, very regretful. That’s all I can say about that.

Also, I asked you to sign up for Leading Discussions. The online signup sheet is here. You need to enter your email address to sign up… but when you write your name, also please note your topic of discussion.

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