Your New Classblog, and Homework


Sorry about the delay. I needed to update some database information before I could install, and it took a little while on a pretty busy day.

The new blog where you will write your 5-Paragraph Essays is here. Please click on the REGISTER on that page to sign up, of course using your real name. That is, use the username Lee_Cheolsu or Moon_Sori, not Cutie82 or ICaNd0iT. Remember, I need to be able to know who you are so I can track your work.

As I said in class, my expectation is that you will write 5-paragraph essays on 5 days out of 7 each week, until I tell you that you don’t need to write them anymore. I will check the blog every few days, not daily, and I obviously cannot give feedback on everything you write. The point of this is practice, not pulling off a single good 5-paragraph essay. I want you to be able to write a good one consistently, and then I will tell you that you can stop.

Next: I must apologize, I’ve lost track of the homework I’ve assigned you. It’s mostly related to note-taking — since I lost my notebook, I lost some notes I took, but I have also become somewhat disorganized.  However, to my recollection there are several assignments you have and ought to hand in to me. I recall the following:

  • A checklist of problems from the homework I handed back to you last week
  • The assignment for 16 November, which involved writing the first two paragraphs of the new argument template last week, and a third move, assigned by your a classmate randomly, for 16 Nov. You were supposed to bring several copies of the latter, so that some peer review would be possible.

I’m pretty sure there was one more assignment as well, but I cannot for the life of me recall what it was. However, if you have done that assignment also, hand it in: you will get credit for it, while those who do not hand it in will get no credit for it.

I will post more information about next week’s Presentation Contest and Mosaic when I get that information.

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