The Beginners


For this week, we’re going to do things a little differently: we’re going to discuss two films:

1. The Beginners, which is currently playing at several theaters in and around Seoul, such as Daehakno, Guro, and Apkujeong.

2. Captain America, which is showing on Monday evening at the English Language and Culture Department’s Movie Night event.

I am asking you to watch both of these movies. I will not take attendance on Monday night, but aside from the amazing door prizes, I imagine Prof. Hurt will say a few things worth discussing in class. (And there will be free beer, just like at Mosaic.) I understand if you have a job, but if you have nothing else really special going on, it’s a good idea to show up.

The panel discussion will deal with The Beginners. Then we will have a group discussion of Captain America.

As for The Beginners, please make the time to see the film this weekend in the cinema. For the truly desperate, you might be able to find this film online, but I strongly urge you to see it in the cinema instead, as I’d like to talk a little bit about the experience of going to a cinema, as compared to watching a film at home.

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