Week 5 Group’s Materials


A quick update about Week 5 Group’s plans for next week, when we will be discussing censorship.

On Tuesday, 3 April, we will have small group discussions considering the question of censorship in the media, but especially censorship online.

For Tuesday, read these articles and think about them. A couple of questions from the Week 5 Group to consider:

1. Censorship obviously involves limiting people’s freedom. However, do you think this is justified? (ie. Is censorship necessary for order, or wrong?)

2. How effective is censorship in your opinion?

3. Have you ever encountered a case of censorship? How did you feel about it?

(The Main Articles)





(Some added articles about real name system)




We will have small group discussions in class, and then compare our results and discuss or debate. The Week 5 Group will also prepare a discussion including real examples of censorship. Prof. Sellar will probably talk a little bit about different types of censorship, including self-censorship.

On Thursday, 5 April, the Week 5 Group will hold a panel discussion on the question of censorship in entertainment media, for example in regulations about pop music lyrics or performers’ clothing. We will also discuss your midterm project (which takes the place of an exam in our class).

In Week 6, you will be making your presentations of the ideas you have for your TV program plans and pitches on the Tuesday (10 April). I imagine the presentations and discussions will take up the whole week, but if not, I will also supplement the discussion with an episode on How I Met Your Mother, and a short lecture on reading sitcoms thematically and critically.

In Week 7, we will look at advertising, and revisit that assignment I did/didn’t give you about collecting advertisements you’ve seen in a given day, and do more with it.

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