For Week 5 (3/5 April)


I am hoping the story-uploading is successful this time. I will be busy on Sunday, but just in case something goes wrong, could the two students whose stories are due by noon on Sunday also email a copy to me? That way I can upload them again if something goes wrong.

By the way, I’m going to change the stories for critique deadline to Tuesday — as soon as we finish critiquing two stories, we can start reading the next ones. That will also give us a chance on Thursday to solve the problem if a story doesn’t upload properly.

Also: if you have trouble uploading your story, here’s a tip: first, upload your story to Google Docs. Then select it and move it to the FOR CRITIQUE folder. Then check the story’s SHARE settings and set it so that everyone “Can Read” but cannot edit your story.

That should work. Also for Tuesday morning, I am assuming everyone has picked up a copy of the stories by Rattawut Lapcharoensap at the office. I expect you to be ready to discuss them on Tuesday morning.

Have a nice weekend!

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