Week 7 Plans

This is what I got in an email from the Week 7 Group:

week 7 proposal

Copyright vs Copyleft

– Identification of Copyright

– Identification of Copyleft

– Current legislation of South Korea

-> punishment and Fine

– Korea ‘s current situation and Copyright violations in korea

->ex illegal download to p2p site…

– Which do you support between Copyright and Copyleft?

Small discussion

Q1. Have you ever done illegal download

-> If you did illegal download, what do you think about it?

Q2. When you can download cooperated contents or illegal contents, what will you choice?

Q3. If you support to copy left, how will you compensate the producer’s profits.

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As usual, we will have a panel discussion on Thursday. On Tuesday, I assume we will have small group discussions. I don’t know what  else they have planned.

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