Your Take-Home Midterm Exam


Here is your take-home midterm exam:

Please take note: I expect you to type your answers to this exam, and hand them in by the due date mentioned on the exam paper. I also expect you to format according to the standards I have outlined on this website.

It would be a good idea to review these links:

Remember my warning: any case of plagiarism and you will receive an F for the class, not just for the exam, and will not be welcome back in the classroom. I accept no excuses, no complaints, no crying, so don’t take the risk.

Finally: your exam is due to be handed in by 5pm on Friday, May 4th (2012, obviously). It must be handed in at the School of English Office (IH341) in my mailbox.

If you put the exam under my door, your grade will be penalized.

If your exam is late, your grade will be penalized.

If you do not type your answer, or follow instructions, your grade will be penalized.

Obvious stuff! Good luck, and have fun with the exam!

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