That Talk, Your Homework, and More…


A reminder: on Thursday (10 May) you will be presenting your group’s recommendation to the government, as to whether top-down censorship, or the promotion of self-censorship, is the policy you favor in terms of controlling the spread of ideas in your society. All group members must participate: if you want to use a powerpoint, you can, but you don’t need to. Your time limit is five minutes, and I strongly encourage you to make an effort to make your presentation interesting and well-prepared.

Here’s the talk I promised you:

By the way, I forgot to ask people from Week 11 and Week 13 Groups to come and talk to me, and nobody approached me either. I would appreciate it if someone from each group emailed me to let me know your topics BEFORE Thursday… or maybe drop in at my office during tomorrow’s office hour!

Finally, if you haven’t yet submitted your homework assignment (some photos of all the advertisements you encountered in a day, and your comments about them) you should do it soon.

See you all Thursday.

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