Week 11, and Your Next Speech


On Monday, 14 May, we will (I hope) finish our fairy tale storytelling. Since this week is a festival week, we will not be meeting on the Wednesday.

In week 12 (21/23 May) we will move on to the next section of our Public Speaking course, turning to argumentative speeches. In a nutshell, we will deal with:

1. Argumentative Speech Structure

2. Fundamentals of Logical Argumentation

3. Handling the Q&A

That will be about all we have time for this semester. You will be making one more speech in class, and one speech in your final exam. Both of these speeches will be policy speeches.

(A policy speech is one where you argue that we should, must, or ought to do something.)

The in-class speech will be about a social issue in Korea — something society-wide. (For example, “We should create much bigger multiculturalism education programs for elementary schools,” or “We should make smoking illegal in all public spaces” or “We should burn down all the hakwons in Korea!”)

The final exam speech will be about a social issue at CUK: you will choose the most serious social problem at our university and suggest a policy for dealing with it. You will also give three reasons why you think your policy is the best policy.

I’m telling you think so you can begin to prepare for these two speeches. I strongly recommend you spend some time doing research, interviewing classmates, and so on.

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