Coming Soon: Argumentation Structure


While the Spring Festival has eaten up a lot of our time for Week 11, we will be continuing strong in Week 12. On May 21, we will finish off our Fairytale Speeches.

Either in the remaining time of May 21st, or on May 23rd, we will move on to argumentation structure.

A heads-up for this class: our schedule is going to be a bit upset by some national holidays: May 28 is Buddha’s Birthday, and June 6 is Memorial Day: both these holidays will rob us of classtime together. However, I still have high hopes: we will study argumentation structure on May 23rd, and possibly move to some basic logical fallacies. May 30, we will continue (and wrap up) with logical fallacies, and then on June  4, 11, and 13 you will make policy speeches in class.

In the week of June 11, you will also be making your final exam speeches. I have asked for a room to be booked, but I don’t think I’ve received final notification. I will post here when I have!

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