Challenges Updated!


I’ve once again updated the Challenges Completed Page. You can check your current status in terms of Challenges here. Sorry for the delay, as you know I’m overloaded with classes this semester.

Some of you have a lot of extra “bonus” days: I suggest you use them up now, since you cannot use them after the end of semester!

As I explained at the start of semester, I will be accepting challenges from everyone until the beginning of final exam week.

However, bonus days are new — I’ve never used that system before — so for those who have bonus days, you will be able to submit exams until the end of exam week; however, the last day of exam week is my hard limit. (I only have one more week after final exams, to finish grading and submit grades, and am always very busy that week, so submitting Challenges is impossible after the end of exams: and you can ONLY submit challenges during exams if you have bonus days.)

Finally, for those who have submitted multiple challenges at the same time (one student) I have taken into account my delay for the first and second challenge; but you cannot submit three challenges. Therefore, one student’s challenge  is future-dated to June 1st. That person cannot submit a new challenge fore June 2.

So, if I were you, I’d try get your challenges finished now! Some of you will definitely be able to finish all five challenges in the remaining 4 weeks of classes. Some of you will be able to get to Challenge #4. But some of you haven’t even submitted Challenge #2 yet, and that’s going to hurt your grade!

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