Movie Night & Your Exam

Hi everyone!

This is a reminder about movie night, which is this Monday (tomorrow), June 6th, at 6pm. The room is IH 267!

We’ll be showing a great film, and there will be great free beer made by three students (with a little help from me). It’s going to be a wonderful evening, so please feel free to show up if you have some free time.

And then on Tuesday night (5 June), it will be your final exam for Public Speaking 1. You must bring 5 people to help build up the audience. I will bring papers for you to sign and give to your friends to sign also, and your friends can submit the paper after the speeches are finished.

Remember, you must give a five minute speech (plus a couple of minutes for questions and answers: because the audience will be invited to ask questions) about a problem at our university, and your proposed solution (which you should mention as your thesis); you should, in the body of your speech, give three supporting reasons explaining why the solution you suggest is the best one. Please make sure to observe the time limit.

Your exam will be held at the same room where it was held last time: N301, at 7:00pm.

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