Challenges Updated.

Hi folks,

I’ve updated the challenges, and should have processed everything that was submitted to me so far EXCEPT challenges submitted by email, which I’ll get to in the next few days… You can check your current status in terms of Challenges here.

(If you’ve submitted a challenge by email, don’t panic. I’ll back date the completion to the appropriate date, so it shouldn’t make any difference if I check it today or Monday.)

Finally, please make sure you’ve done your final leader evaluation for Yunshik on the Student Led Discussions Feedback pages. (Yunshik, since you asked, you need to use the first link on that same page, under the heading Student Leaders:).

I’ll try get the results and feedback collated for you by the day of our last class, if the office assistant has time. (I surely don’t!) If that’s not possible, the feedback sheets will be available sometime during exam week at the office, and I’ll post here when they are available.

I’ll also update more on Monday regarding what we’re doing for our last class next Thursday. Or maybe I’ll just tell you on Tuesday…

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