Your Final Exam


I got confirmation (today) about the location of your final exam in Media English.

DATE: Tuesday, 19 June (2012)
TIME: 3:00-5:00pm
DURATION: 2 hours

Please be prompt. I will not be able to give extra time to students who arrive late.

Please use black pen for the exam. Red, Blue, and other color pens are harder to read, and it will affect my mood. (And my mood will probably affect your grade.)

DO NOT USE white-out to “erase” mistakes on the exam. Instead, cross out any mistakes you make.

You will be allowed to keep the following on your desk during the exam:

  • some black pens
  • a paper dictionary
  • a drink
  • your test papers

Everything else must be put away in your bag, which you will leave at the front of the room for the duration of the exam. Make sure to turn your phone off when you put it in your bag: if your phone rings, you will lose marks for disturbing others during their exam.

I strongly recommend you review the 5-paragraph essay structure before the exam. For students at your level, you should be familiar with this structure and will be expected to use it.

You are responsible for everything we have dealt with since midterm exams:

  • different models proposed for the defense of the rights of creators and distributors of content: the standard copyright system, the copyleft movement, the Creative Commons and Open Source models, etc.
  • censorship and self-censorship: the effectiveness, weaknesses, and social costs of both systems
  • slacktivism
  • the subject of broadcast laws and restrictions for TV (public and cable television)
  • the documentary The Century of the Self and the issues of propaganda, advertisement, various notions of psychology, and the concepts of the “focus group” and “lifestyles” and their effect on marketing, politics, and public self-conception throughout the 20th century.

That’s basically what you need to know. Be warned: the questions for the exam will include a mix of basic knowledge from class (demonstrating a basic understanding of ideas defined and explored in class), and more critical thinking and discussion of the ideas explored in our course.

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