Homework for 5 September


On 3 September you did your “self-introduction” speeches. As promised, I will give you a summary of the things I thought were well done, and which could be handled better, in the self-introduction speeches you gave in front of the class.

In fact, I went ahead and recorded a video summarizing the main points. That video is embedded here:

Feel free to review the video as much as you like. It’d be great if you could think over each point, and figure out which of the positive and negatives are things you did. (Everyone had at least some of each, both positive and negative.)


For homework, I asked you to try think back and remember your favorite fairy tale from your childhood. I told you NOT to prepare a script, though you can review the story if you like. I also told you we would be working on a few very physical techniques, so the content of the story would matter less than your ability to tell the story spontaneously. However, feel free to reread the story, just to refresh your memory, if you need to do so.

By the way, I don’t care if you use a Korean fairytale, a Western one, or something else. All I’ll say is that you should be able to tell the story in five to seven minutes. No more than that.

You should prepare the story for 5 September (Wednesday), just in case, but we’ll have a lot to talk about on Wednesday, so we may not get around to your stories until next Monday.  But just in case, have a story ready. (The best way to prepare is to tell the story aloud to yourself a few times, until you’re comfortable adding details, pausing and starting again, and so on.)

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