Bulfinch, One More Time, Plus…


Well, after the mess-up last class with different versions of Bulfinch’s Mythology, I’m uploading the version of the file we should all read for now.

This is the file:

It’s in EPUB format. I got it from this page at Manybooks.net. You can find many programs that will open an EPUB file for you, whether on your tablet, computer, or smartphone. (See my previous post for my recommendation for iPhone; there are plenty of programs you can use to convert the file, open and print the file, and so on. Just look around online, you’re sure to find something.)

We’re now playing catch-up, so I asked you to please make sure you have read both Chapters 1 and 2 for our next class, on Monday, 10 Sept.

Meanwhile, bear in my what I asked you to consider: that is,

How are we to “read” Bulfinch’s book?

We discussed the anxiety underlying the first sentences of Chapter 1 in class–the anxiety of contrasting The Religions of the Book (especially Christianity) with the polytheism (many-gods) and pagan religions of Europe’s past.
I asked you to look for more moments in Chapters 1 and 2 where that anxiety becomes visible in the text. Those other instances of anxiety, and their significance to our course description (신화와성경) will be connected to a wider discussion of European culture in comparison with other cultures, especially East Asian cultures. Hint: think about how this might have affected Europrean history and culture…

Finally, remember, I asked all students to bring W10,000 to class, so we can order a set of Bulfinch’s books, and everyone can have a copy of his or her own to read, without us having to worry about printing, having the same version, and so on… We might cancel that plan if people are happy with the next file, but bring the money anyway, just in case.

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