First of all: it seems you missed part of my post last time. Only one person has followed these instructions:

One more thing. Everyone in the class, please send an email to my work email address (which you can find on the Contact Page or on the class syllabus; you can download the syllabus from here on our class page if you don’t have it). In the Subject line (제목) please paste the following line:

Subscribe me to the Film Class Listserv!

I need you to do this ASAP: my deadline is Thursday night! (So I can create a listserv on Friday morning.)

Now… for next week, we will be discussing two films in our Tuesday afternoon class:

  1. The Muppet Movie
  2. Grizzly Man

Please check by the office for the copy of Grizzly Man you can watch. It’s a documentary, but a very unusual one… and should give us a lot to talk about.

Remember, we will be discussing The Muppet Movie for the first hour of our class, and Grizzly Man for the last two hours. (Unless something really interesting comes up related to The Muppet Movie.)

Please also remember to prepare a list of thoughts and questions for the in-class discussion. If you are all prepared and ready to discuss the film, great. If not, I’ll have to start making such preparation homework, so that you arrive at class ready to talk a lot. (I’m supposed to guide you, answer questions, and ask questions you didn’t think of… not explain everything. So you will have to work a bit harder at preparation! Okay?)

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