For This Week

Hi folks,

I promised you copies of “The Great God Pan” by Arthur Machen. Here’s a HTML version of the story that you can print out:

  • “The Great God Pan” (HTML)

And here’s an audiobook, in case listening while you read helps you. Remember, you can slow down a podcast MP3 if you’re listening with most digital audiobook applications:

I suspect it’s probably going to take you until next week to look at these, so for this Thursday, we’re going to do something a little different. Therefore, you should be ready to discuss “The Great God Pan” for the week of 19/21 November.

For 14 November, we’ll be watching the operetta Oedipus Rex and discussing that and the ballet The Rite of Spring; both of these are by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.

To prepare for Oedipus Rex, I’m going to ask you read the sections of Bulfinch dealing with Oedipus. He appears in two sections: in Chapter XVI, under the discussion of The Sphinx; and in Chapter XXIII, where his daughter Antigione is discussed.

Also, to prepare for our discussion of Stravinsky’s relationship with ancient mythology, please review his ballet The Rite of Spring before coming to class on 14 November. It is not too long, and available on Youtube:

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