For Next Time


So, next time, we’re turning to “The Great God Pan” by Arthur Machen. There are links in an earlier post (down the page) for the story in audio and text formats.

The first bit of class, I’ll give you some time to ask me about my comments on your essay.

I mentioned a great little post/video online discussing Ariadne/Theseus and Inception, as an example of someone going deeper into an analysis/comparison. You can check it out here. The structure is a bit loose — she’s just following the plot line of the film and the story — but the comparison itself is pretty good.

By the way, I mentioned links you should review. Go look on the right side of this page, under Some Advice From Your Professor and you’ll see what I mentioned. I strongly recommend reviewing this stuff, so that you are in a better position to build a better essay.

And finally, presentations are coming up soon (as in, next week)! Please make sure you’ve signed up!

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