Want To Be An Extra in a Movie?


I don’t usually post about my personal pursuits, but I am involved in an amateur filmmaking team. We’re shooting a movie next weekend (2 December) and we need extras. We’re looking for Koreans who are available on 2 December for the late morning and afternoon. If you participate, we’ll be hosting a party with free beer and pizza, and giving copies of the DVD to you as well once the movie is finished. You would only be appearing in the background, probably blurry: we just need figures in the scene, bodies to thicken out the image… though if you’re interested, we could certainly have you more visible.

The film team is an international one, involving both Koreans and non-Koreans. You can put it on your resume, and your name will appear in the IMDB.com website as well as in our movie’s press kit.

If you’re interested, please check out the information here (it’s available in English and in Korean):

Note: participating in the shoot will NOT change your grade in any class. I will appreciate it, and thank you, give you beer, and be grateful, but I can’t  “pay” you with a better grade.

By the way, if you’re not interested, I’d still appreciate it if you spread the word among other students and friends. Maybe some of them will be interested in participating. I’ll consider it a big help if you post one of the links above!

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