Day 5

Hi folks,

So, today we talked more about making effective Topic Sentences, as well as the Grammar Points dealing with Comma Use (textbook page 60) and Sentence Structure Problems (page 62).

Both of those grammar points are very important, but especially page 62 is worth marking and remembering, as sentence problems of that kind are common in student writing.

We finished Unit 3… or we will finish it, when you are done today’s homework. Speaking of which…


  • page 61 (Activity 8)
  • page 63 (Activity 9)
  • page 64-67 (Activities 10, 11, and 12)

Remember, if you have a problem, put a star in the book and ask a question in tomorrow’s class!


Also, I gave you a prompt for your Paragraph Blog post for today or tomorrow:

  • Write a Comparison paragraph, and keep it neutral: compare facts, no opinion. Use one of the following topics:
    • Ghosts
    • Geography
    • Music

Because someone asked, I will note: I’m not reading these paragraphs daily. I do stop by and look, but I’m not providing individual feedback. (I can’t, there’s too many paragraphs and that’s not the purpose of the blog. The purpose is just for you to get some daily practice. However, if you have a question you can print your paragraph and visit me after class for feedback.)


One more thing: I mentioned out Midterm Exam. I’ll let you know tomorrow whether we’ll have the exam on Thursday (31 December) or next Monday (4 January 2016!). I did mention  the content, though, so I’ll remind you in case someone wants to start studying now.

The exam will have three sections:

  1. Grammar: you will find some errors in sentences. The grammar will only be points covered in the book so far.
  2. Paragraph Structure: Multiple choice questions about paragraph structure, including things like how to make a good topic sentence, whether a topic sentence is focused enough, and so on. (This will include things we’ll study during this week, of course.)
  3. Write a Paragraph: I will give you a topic, and you must write a paragraph of a specific type about that topic. (You will be provided with a step-by-step worksheet to help you write a better paragraph.)
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