Day 10

Hi everyone! Well, as you know, yesterday you did your midterm exam. I am hoping to finish grading those by the end of the week. I’ll be returning the paragraph assignments you handed in on Monday tomorrow.

As for today’s class, we discussed Descriptive Paragraphs, specifically using adjectives, similes, and metaphors to convey emotional effects, and using the five senses to create a vivid “picture” in the reader’s mind. We also talked a little bit about rules and exceptions for the possessive in English (his, her, its—not it’s—and theirs, mine, etc.) I also talked about using appropriate metaphors, not mixing metaphors, and general techniques for writing good descriptive paragraphs.

Students wrote a paragraph using at least 3 senses to describe something on campus (or off campus) and are expected to edit it and use it for one of their Paragraph Blog posts today or tomorrow.

As for homework, here it is:

Start working through Unit 8: Descriptive Paragraphs, and complete the following:

  • Read page 156
  • Read & analyze Example Paragraph 57, but you don’t need to write anything in the pre- and post-reading questions. Just study the paragraph as an example and see if there’s anything useful to steal and use in your own Descriptive Paragraphs.
  • On page 158-59 (Describing with the Five Senses) complete Activities 2-4
  • On page 161, read Example Paragraph 59: answer the post-reading questions in the book, but more importantly, analyze the paragraph and, once again, see if there’s anything useful to steal and use in your own writing.
  • Finally, read page 164, and complete Activities 5-6 on page 165-66. (Activity 6 continues onto 166!)

That’s it!

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