Day 12

Hi everyone,

Today, we discussed most of the important points in Unit 7—about Process Paragraphs—on Thursday, and I assigned the following for homework:

  • Page 142-43 (Process Paragraph 53).
  • Refresh your memory about sequence words & chronological order “tags”: see the note on page 145.
  • Complete Activity 2 on page 146, and Activity 5 on page 148.
  • Finally, finish off with Activities 7 & 8 on pages 150-151.

That’s it!

Next week, we’ll do a writing exercise (involving Process Paragraphs) on Monday and I’ll return your Paragraphs from the midterm exam. We’ll also start work on Opinion Paragraphs (Unit 9), which will be the last Unit we’ll complete for the course. Opinion Paragraphs are tricky, so we’ll spend some time on getting them right.

We’re almost finished, so hang in there and try to keep your attendance solid. Remember, anyone who misses more than four classes without an excused absence (doctor’s note, photo in the newspaper saving Jochiwon from alien attack, etc.) won’t be able to pass the course! We only have four classes left, so hang in there!

And sorry again for the late update.

See you Monday!

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