Hi everyone,

This is just a reminder: the grades should be “live” on the Korea University Portal system. Please check your grade as soon as possible.

You should do it as soon as possible because in less than 24 hours, the grades will be permanently locked, and it will be almost impossible for anything to get changed. Therefore, if you think there’s an error, please let me know right away. (See my last email for tips on how to politely inquire about possible grade errors.)

Note: I’m 99.99999% sure there are no errors, as I’ve double-checked the results. But I’m letting you know because the grade inquiry period is so very short for Winter semester. (It ends on Friday 22 January, at 12:00 noon—tomorrow at lunch time, in other words—and I’m busy with our baby so it takes me a little longer to get anything done. Your best bet, if you’re going to make an inquiry, is to send it to me by this evening, or, at the very latest, by midnight tonight.

Also, as I mentioned, the grading curve is in effect for our class—and the grading curve was completely filled, meaning I couldn’t give any more A/A+ grades even if more students had earned them… so I’m hoping the high grades were a happy surprise for many of you, and again, I’d like to thank you for being a great class. (And yes, even many of the people who didn’t get A/A+ were great students. Thank you everyone.)

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your freedom from classes. Have a great 2016 if I don’t see you again!


Prof. Sellar

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