Presentations Schedule (to Midterms)

Here is the Presentations Schedule from now until Midterms:

28 September:

  • Yea Hyun & Min Jung on Elvis Presley
  • Jin Won & Hyun Jung on Reality TV

5 October:

  • No Presentations: Chuseok.

12 October:

  • Jiu & Hyun Mi on (Bollywood?)
  • Na Yeon & Eun Yong on (religion & pop culture?)

19 October:

  • Ji Young & Ji Hyun (on ?)
  • Kyoung Kun & Seung Rak (on ?)

26 October:

  • MIDTERM EXAM WEEK: No presentations.

1 November:

  • Hye Jung & Seung Hyun (on?)
  • Ran & Eun Sung (on?)

Remember that you will be doing a second presentation after this first one. Sign-ups will come before mid-term exams along with a list of topics so you can prepare ahead of time. If you need help preparing your presentations, or in finding a suitable topic, please come to see me for help early on and I will do all I can to help you.

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