Weeks #3 & #4

Hi everyone!

Last week, I gave your group an assignment: to create the most effective travel brochure possible for any destination, real or imagined. You are to use description of telling details in combination with photographs in order to make the reader — me — want to go to the place that you’re advertising.

On Thursday, we discussed how to get photographs online, free and legally, and how to ensure that they’re of a quality high enough to use for printing. I announced that for this assignment, you are limited to Flickr.com and your own photographs for source material.

This week, on Tuesday we’ll look at the black & white draft copies you bring to class. You will share them with other groups in the class, who will give you feedback just as you will give others feedback. I will be keeping one draft from each group, which will count for part of your grade. (Homework!) You’ll discuss improvements that you want to make, and plan, and we might do a writing exercise in class.
On Thursday, you’ll hand in the assignment, and we’ll do another wrap-up assignment for this section of the course. I’ll also discuss your midterm project on Thursday, week 4.

Remember that as much as you must cooperate with other groups, you are also in competition with them to create the most impressive travel brochure. Handing it in late, or with excuses, is not impressive. The only thing that I’ll be looking at is your end product, so make sure it’s ready and the best you can do.

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