Fallen Behind! (Weeks 3-5)

Hi everyone!

Well, I can’t believe it, but I’ve fallen behind on updating this course page, and it’s still close to the beginning of semester.

During week 3, we talked about Presence, Projection, and Eye Contact. Then, at the end of Week 3 for Day students, and at the beginning of week 4 for Night students, you gave a speech discussing something about which you feel strongly.

During week 4, we talked about Vocal Emphasis — emphasizing words with your voice. We’ll talk about that a little more next week, and move on to using Gestures for emphasis. Then you gave speeches about your First Love or First Date (for the Day class, but the Night class will do this next week).
However, the speech about your First Love/First Date was more about Toughness Training — how to deal with embarrassment — so most people didn’t/won’t pay much attention to spoken or gestural emphasis. Therefore, we’ll focus on that in your upcoming speeches.

Day class: Your week 5 speech will be about a childhood memory, preferably a story of some kind, and will require descriptions of things or people around you. You will use Vocal and Gestural Emphasis in this speech. You will receive written feedback by Thursday of week 5.
Night class: Your week 5 speech will be about your first love or your first date. You will attempt to use Vocal Emphasis as we discussed on Friday. However, I’ll be complicating the speech with something to help you develop toughness in the face of embarrassment, so don’t worry — we’ll be focusing on Emphasis next week too.

Students in both classes should not forget to keep working on Presence, Projection, and Eye Contact. These are all skills which you’re expected to bring together throughout the semester, so we can’t forget the last topic when we move on to the next one!

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