Weeks 3 and 4 (and 5)

I’m catching up again.

So, in week 3 and 4, we did the following things:

  • Watched and discussed the Pilot Episode of Smallville
  • Had student presentations on the history of Superman as a character, and a discussion of Nietzsche’s idea of the übermensch or “superman”.
  • Had a presentation by me on the history of depictions of Superman, and about some adaptations (in comic books, books, and TV) of Superman to different places and times in history.
  • Completed a group exercise where you adapted Superman to East Asia, specifically into a historical place and time in Korea, Japan, or China.
  • Assigned homework: students are to prepare a presentation on the adaptation they or their group made last Friday. Your presentations will be on Thursday/Friday, Week 5.

In week 5, we’re going to discuss remixing, adaptation, and copyright, and look at your own “remixes” of Superman.


On Tuesday, a group of students will present on “remixing” and “copyright” on Tuesday afternoon. We’ll discuss the presentation, I’ll show you a few interesting clips, and give you some questions to think about. (As well as some reading/listening to do.)

On Thursday, you’ll present your adapted Superman characters, and then we’ll return to the discussion of copyright, remixing, and adaptation.


On Wednesday, we’ll meet at my office and talk about copyright and remixing. Since our group is so small, everyone is expected to have done a little reading and research on the subject. I’ll show you some interesting clips, we’ll talk about the history of copyright, and I’ll give you some reading/listening homework to do.

On Friday, we’ll meet at my office and you’ll each present the Superman that you’ve adapted to Korean history. Each student will have a maximum of ten minutes to tell us about this new version of Superman.

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