Week 4, part 2

This is just an update for the end of week 4:

  1. I have received your pamphlets. They’re generally excellent. My girlfriend saw them and she thought they were real pamphlets until she read one and saw my picture in it.
  2. You have a new homework assignment: you are to write a short (roughly 2 pages, more or less) description of something abstract (for example, a feeling like hunger or love or fear) using similes (“The moon was like a blade in the sky”) and metaphors (“The moon was a blade in the sky”). You will complete this with a partner and submit it to me on April 10th at the beginning of class.
  3. Next week we’ll be starting the new section of our class, on Purpose (and Process).
  4. Keep blogging! The blog is looking great! And I’ll be changing the picture at the top of it, soon!
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