Week 2, Class 1&2

This post is only for DAY students! If you’re a night student, ignore it.
Today we broke up into groups and discussed the pros and cons of gender-segregated high school education.

Next time, two students who were selected in class will be standing up and arguing for their group’s position. Each pair of students will be given 5 minutes to make their argument.

Likewise, the two students who were the only ones interested in the FTA’s effect on Korean economic development will also be given 5 minutes each to make their arguments. We’ll follow up with a discussion of these “informal debates” and touch on debating etiquette, how to question your opponent’s arguments, and more.

For those of you who have not handed in a Student Information Sheet (you can download one below) or have not handed in a sheet with five interesting debate positions on it, hurry up! This is homework for credit, and our class looks like it will remain big enough that you’re facing some stiff competition for the best grades.

See you Wednesday!

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