Exam Schedule Problem

UPDATE (Saturday, Dec 8th 2007):

I just realized that the week after our scheduled exam date is the day of national elections, and we cannot have our exam that day by law and school rules. So if Tuesday night is not good for you, then we’ll have to reschedule for some other time during exam week. Anyway, I haven’t heard from anyone, so I suppose we’ll be discussing this in class on Monday, Dec. 10th.

Again, sorry for the complications!
Our midterm exam is currently scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. There’s a problem, though.

I’ve been scheduled for some medical tests on that day, and they say they cannot (or will not?) reschedule. When I asked how long the tests would take, I was told that I will be unable to come back to campus all day.

This means we really need to reschedule our exam. I would prefer to do it Tuesday night, since the other debate class will be meeting then and we can do it all together as a big group. You could also enjoy seeing people you don’t know, and how they debate.

The night class’s exam is at 8:45pm on Tuesday, December 11th. I strongly prefer us all doing the test at that time, if that’s possible.

However, if you have an exam at that time and cannot make it, then the alternative would be for your group to do the exam during exam week, meaning exactly one week later than we originally scheduled it. (UPDATE: See Above!) I think this is not the best alternative, however, because after you complete your debate you will have to hand in a self-evaluation, and the self-evaluation will be due very soon after — that evening, or the next day.

Therefore, I’m hoping you can make the exam on Tuesday night, December 11th. Please — PLEASE — talk to your group members and see whether Tuesday night will work for you, and let me know by email. I’d like to be able to come to class knowing on Monday what will be happening.

Sorry, by the way. I couldn’t control the scheduling and if it wasn’t important I’d put off the exam. If it makes you feel any better, I won’t be having any fun next Wednesday!

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