Next Week’s Classes (and Homework)


Unfortunately, due to unchangeable prior commitments that I made before the last-minute schedule change that made me your teacher for this class, I am unable to teach on the evening of March 11th and 13th. We will have a make-up class later on this month.

However, I am going to assign you with some homework for next week. The homework is in two parts.

  1. You will meet in small groups of 3 or 4 people, taking special care to form groups with people you don’t already know. On Thursday the 13th, the night of our longer class, you will go out with this group. I don’t care what you do, as long as you are interacting. (ie. Don’t go to a movie, don’t go somewhere too loud to talk, don’t just play video games in a PC-ë°©.) While it would be nice if your interactions were in English, as much as possible, the main point of the outing is for you to get comfortable with some of the people in the class whom you don’t know.You will write a report back to me about how it was to go out together, what you did, how you liked it, and so on.
  2. In two weeks, when we next meet (ie. on the evening of Tuesday, March 18th) we will be doing an introductory exercise which is designed to help you get to know classmates outside of your group. The point of the exercise is to “talk yourself up” to others — to present yourself as an interesting conversation partner and an interesting person. So spend some time thinking about which of your qualities, or which facts about you, are the most interesting.

I will discuss this homework more during our class on the evening of March 6th. See you there!

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