Homework for Next Week

Hi all,

Next week (week 2, the 11th and 13th of March), we’ll be discussing and defining the notion of “Popular Culture” and I’m going to give you a lecture and presentation on two examples of the role of genre and character-archetypes in popular culture using two examples — one Korean and the other American. The media I’ll be discussing are the following:

  1. The Korean monster movie 괴물
  2. The American TV-drama Lost

If you are familiar with this movie and this TV show, then maybe spend some time thinking about the different characters and their relationships, as well as about which genre (or genres) each of these programs fits into. If you haven’t seen these programs, it would be worth your time to rent and watch 괴물 and to try get a chance to watch at least the first episode of Season 1 of Lost. (We will probably watch a totally different episode, but knowing the characters and the scenario is helpful for understanding my lecture on the topic!)

See you next week!

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