Homework for March 26th

Well, March 24th is Easter Monday, so we won’t have classes. But you do have some homework!

On March 17th/19th, we discussed this handout:

The Christmas Declaration (complete PDF)

In your groups, you chose another social group (of which nobody in the group is currently a member) and discussed their problems and issues. Your homework, for March 26th, is to produce a written “Declaration” similar to the above for the social group you chose. You will also present your issues and your solutions to the class on March 26th. Your group will have five minutes of classtime to share your complaints and demands.

We will vote on the best presentation and bonus grade points will be awarded to the most outstanding group or speaker. Also, since you will be working in a group, you will be grading your groupmates in terms of their contribution to the project.

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