The Gwaemul Analysis

Someone emailed me on Sunday to (correctly) point out that I haven’t yet posted my analysis of 괴물. The problem is that I haven’t got enough room on the server that hosts this site. I am currently looking into some other place where I can host the file, and as soon as I find one — hopefully later this week — I’ll post a link here.

Tuesday, we’ll be looking at the last 40-odd minutes of Bamboozled, and then talking about the history ofblackface minstrelsy a bit more, discussing racial stereotypes and character archetypes — and how much they overlap — and doing an (interesting!) exercise.

Remember, Thursday, there will be a Panel Discussion of James Baldwin’s “Stranger in the Village.”  (Linked further down on this page.) You will need to make some preparations for that panel, especially thinking about the essay and having some questions ready. They’ll count towards your panel discussion grade, and if you actually ask them, and they’re good, they’ll even count towards your all-important participation mark. So think up some good questions, folks!

(And yes, I’ll explain this more in class on Tuesday!)

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