Panel Discussions Schedule

April 3rd: On James Baldwin’s “Stranger in the Village” and Bamboozled

Hyo Im Kim, Hye Jung Lim, Naomi Tsai, Holly Chuang

April 10th: Anxieties of Influence: How “The Other” (Black, White, Western, Japanese) Has Affected Korean Pop Culture

Ji-Woong Lee, Min-ji Kim, Chahwan Ryu, KyungHee Park

April 17th: POTUS: What’s The West Wing Really About?

Sunyoung Ko, Jung-won Lim, Eunsuk Jun, Bi-Ryong Han

April 22: Midterm Exam (No Panel Discussions This Week)

April 29th: Who Watches the Watchmen: V for Vendetta and The Departed

Saem Yoo, Ki-wook Yeo, Bo-young Lee, Kwan-yong Chun

May 1st: A Soldier’s Tale: Power, War, and The Warrior Code in Flags of Our Fathers and It’s Everybody’s War

Yoo Jeong Lee, JiYoung Jung, Eun Ju Kim, Eun Min Cho

May 8th: Breaking All the Rules: Fight Club, Catch Me If You Can, and the Romanticized Outlaw Archetype

Yu-mi Jeon, Se Kwang Oh, Yoon Jung Kim, Eun-seon Lee

May 15th: Aw, Poor You: The Appeal of Tony Soprano and Hannibal Lecter (A Discussion of The Sopranos and of The Silence of the Lambs)

Han-goo Myong, Seung-Min Lee, Gun-Shik Jung

May 20th: Bechdel’s Rule: What Can We Watch With Female Characters Worth Watching?

Hyejin Yang, Kyunghee Jung, Jinwoo Kim, Young-a Cho

May 27th: Bloodthirsty Women and the Black Widow Archetype: Rethinking Kill Bill

Lee-seul Choo, Ja-Kyung Yun, Suji Gang, Yoo Jin Chung

May 29th: Nice Girls Don’t… Gender Rules and Archetypes in the Romantic Comedies of Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail: watch at least two.)

Heein Jeong, Hye Won Shin, Jin Ju Kim, Sang [?] Lee

June 5th: What Will Tomorrow Look Like? — The Fifth Element and Brazil

Sang Woon Hong, Sun Jun Choi, Yu-hwa Han, Minjoo Yu

For next week I’ll prepare a list of stuff you’ll need to watch. The list won’t be complete — I’ll be adding a few things to it, but it should be semi-complete.

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