Current Homework

An update regarding homework:

  • You have a ten-minute group presentation on April 14th — next Monday — about your experiment with time-management and priorities. Remember that everyone in your group must speak and participate in the presentation, and that you will be limited to ten minutes, maximum. Practice. Condense. Find a way to explain the similarities and differences in your group both quickly and clearly. You may use a powerpoint but it should have not text on it. (And I recommend that you test it on the computer the day before just in case.)
  • You have a five-minute presentation on Wednesday, April 16th, during which you will explain your plan to obtain two million dollars ($2,000,000, or almost 2,000,000,000 won) in one week. After your group’s presentation, you will have to answer questions from the audience. The best presentation gets a bonus of 2% on their final grade. (If any one presentation is deserving of this bonus, of course.) You may use a powerpoint presentation, but you must not put any text on the powerpoint slides — only pictures!

That’s all your current homework, except the midterm exam, which will be discussed in an upcoming post.

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