Midterm Exam

For your midterm exam, which is on the evening of April 22nd, you will be making a presentation on the following:

Imagine that, during the course of normal construction on campus, the University discovers a huge treasure of gold buried in the ground on University property. It is famous treasure, and of course will go to a National Museum. But the University will be compensated for the treasure, approximately 1 trillion won.

Of course, the majority of the money will go to construction, expansion, and improvement of University services: more books for the library, improved research facilities, more classroom, office, and dormitory space, and so on. But a certain amount — say, 5 billion won (about 5 million dollars) — will be set aside for students to decide what to do.

Your groups job is to “pitch” — that is, to suggest in an exciting way — a plan to the University. Maybe you think there should be an expanded study-abroad program? Maybe you think we need escalators on the hill between the front gate and the main campus? Or what about a fitness center for students? A bigger library? Smoking booths for smokers to protect us from their toxic pollution? More scholarships for outstanding students? A new biotech research complex that could combine ? A nicer cafeteria space?

It’s up to your group to decide on one project, and prepare a convincing pitch for it. You cannot use a powerpoint presentation or handouts, but you are allowed to use diagrams, pictures, and other props.

The best group (or, in the case of a tie, best two groups) will likely receive A (or maybe A+). Other groups will be competing for other grades as per the required university grading curve scheme. So remember, you’re not just in competition to create a great, reasonable, convincing, and exciting pitch for your project alone, but also you are competing against other groups.

Each group will have 15 minutes for their presentation as well as question-and-answers from the audience. (You should leave time and be prepared to answer questions, as your answers will also be counted towards the competitiveness of your group. Therefore, yor presentation should probably be 10-12 minutes long.)

We have already made groups for this presentation, and I will answer any more questions you have in the coming week. For now, start thinking about what kinds of realistic, exciting, and interesting projects you can suggest to your group.

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