Midterm Exam

Well, it’s exam time. Some students have emailed me asking if I could give any details about what they need to study.

As I said in class last Tuesday, you’re responsible for everything we’ve discussed. However, it might be a little easier if you think of it this way: the focus of the exam will be two essays.

For each, you’ll have a choice from within a group. The first group of questions will be about things related to our Panel Discussions. The second group will be related to things that were covered in my lecture, and the media I discussed.

There may also be a couple of multiple choice questions about general information from the lectures, things that you should know if you were listening. But the main focus is thinking about the things we’ve discussed up to now.

So this is one of those exams where your preparation was happening all the time up to now. But reviewing your notes is a good idea.

I will accept your reaction papers for the last Panel Discussion (on The West Wing) anytime before the next Panel Discussion. Don’t forget that after the exam, you’ll be responsible for a lot of media — our first week back after exams, you need to have watched all the media listed here:

April 29th: Who Watches the Watchmen: V for Vendetta and The Departed

May 1st: A Soldier’s Tale: Power, War, and The Warrior Code in Flags of Our Fathers and It’s Everybody’s War

You’ll also need Preparation Papers for both panels, and will have to write reaction papers after both. See you soon!

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