The Promised Handout

(UPDATE: The broken file link is now fixed! Sorry for anyone who couldn’t get the file! It’s there now!)

Hi there! I received a big pile of wonderful outlines for Lockhart’s essay. I’ll be looking at those this week, but as a class, it’s time for us to move on… that is, to Introductions and Conclusions.

On Monday night, we’re going to discuss crafting good introductions and conclusions. Here is the handout I will be distributing in class. We’ll be discussing Lockhart’s essay as well, so if you happen to have your copy, it will be a big help. Also, the handout involves some homework. Please don’t start the homework assignment until after our class discussion on Monday evening. (Though if you want to read ahead, that’s fine!) If there’s time, we’ll move on to a second exercise, about establishing flow in the body of an essay.

Then, also on Monday night, we’ll make groups and you’ll get email addresses for your group members, so that you can email your current draft of your essay to your partners. You will email your essay draft on Monday night, and begin reading your group members’ work.

Wednesday night will be an opportunity to work as a group on giving feedback and discussing how your group members’ essays could be improved. It will essentially be a small-group intensive workshop. Same rules as usual, except you will each have three minutes to speak, and I’ll be wandering from group to group.

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