Finishing up with The Hacker Crackdown

Next week, we’ll be finishing up our reading of The Hacker Crackdown by:

  1. discussing section 4 of the book (on Tuesday & Thursday, April 15th and 17th)
  2. discussing (on Thursday, April 17th) the overall ideas and themes in the book, and discussing some questions. I will make the questions available in the next couple of days, here on the website.

Remember that your reaction papers to the book are due on Tuesday, April 15th. Hopefully, this will help you prepare for our discussion on April 17th, as well as for our midterm exam.

Your midterm exam will be on the afternoon of Thursday, the 24th of April, and will be focused on general issues discussed in The Hacker Crackdown. The exam will definitely require you to have thought about the issues we’ll discuss in the past weeks, and next week; in addition, you will be required to express your opinion on one or more subjects in short-answer and short essay questions. So spend some time thinking about issues we’ve discussed, and spend some time outside class arguing with classmates about them.

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