Discussions Schedule

Sorry this is so late.

Because of all the Mondays off, and the School Festival later this month, we will be very busy with Discussions in class. In fact, we won’t be doing much of anything else until Week 15!

Anyway, here is the schedule:

May 7th: Kyung Eun Kim, Hiramori Asami

May 14th: Yi Jin Park, Po-Ching Chiu, Geum Hee Yoon

May 19th, hour 1: Su Hee Jang, Akari Mori

May 19th, hour 2: Min Ji Kim, Sun Kim, Lee You Min

May 26th, hour 1: Eun Sung Kim, Hyo Rin Kim, Mi Dan Lee, Suji Lee

May 26th, hour 2: Jeon Yu Na, Sun Young Ahn, Eun Shil Park,Min Ji Kim

May 28th: Cha Hwan Ryu, Kyung Hee Park, Eun Jung Park,
June 2nd: No Discussions (Class activity instead) 

June 4th: Oh Young Gwon, Choong Choi, Chung Ah You

June 9th: No Discussions (Class activity instead)

June 11th: Hee In Jeong, Jin Ho Jo, Ju Hee Lee

After discussions, some paperwork is necessary, in terms of evaluation:

GROUP MEMBERS: You need this PDF file. Your group will be responsible for assigning each leader a grade using this paper (one segment of the sheet for each group).

It is your group’s responsibility to come up with an evaluation grade. The group will produce two copies of the evaluation, one for the leader and one for my records. Every group member must submit written comments to the leader within a week of the discussion, including positive and negative points regarding the discussion. The evaluation results — which can be arrived at through a group meeting after class, or by collecting individual evaluations by email and averaging out the results, must be submitted to me within a week of the discussion.

DISCUSSION LEADERS: You need this PDF file. You will grade each discussion group using one section of the first page in the PDF — carefully noting the names of the most actively participating students on the back, as well as noting the least active participant in the group, and clearly marking each. (You must select at least one outstandingly active student, and one outstandingly inactive student, for each group.) You will also submit a self-evaluation using the second page in that same PDF file paper.

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